five kiddos and lifestyle photography {Houston family photographer}

Howdy, friends! Happy October! I hope you’re out there doing fall-ish things in this perfect weather. My littles and I painted pumpkins this morning to get us in the autumnal mood. Come to think of it, I haven’t had anything pumpkin-flavored yet, though. I do think there’s a Woodlands rule that you’re not allowed to say “Happy Fall, Y’all!” without some sort of pumpkin latte in your hand and your jeans tucked into your boots. For those of you who know me well, you might be surprised to learn that–yes–I do have one pair of cowgirl boots. What else are you supposed to wear to the Houston Rodeo?? I’m definitely #texasforever, but I think I’m probably the urban version.

Anyway, I’m busy trying to catch up on work and want to get this preview up. When I came back to this lovely home after this little nugget’s newborn shoot, her momma said, “You probably don’t remember, but we did this one shot of the three middle boys….” Um, you mean one of my all-time-most-favorite shots?? Of course I remember! So we had her sit in the hallway in basically the cutest dress ever and bribed her with a few pieces of candy to try to get her to sit still. She can walk now, and you know what that means. Sitting in one spot for longer than 1.4 seconds just does not happen. blog-post-one-year-old-black-and-white-polka-dots This is such a good example of lifestyle sessions I love: Saturdays at home, hanging out. Siblings and friends are running around playing, everyone is in the kitchen eating snacks, and life is easy and relaxed and This little guy has grown so much in the last year and a half. He and my guy are close in age, and he was asking all about him. As I was leaving, he said, “Next time you come, will you bring your brother?” How cute is that?blog-post-four-year-old-red-hair The biggest brother of this crew is in the middle of his senior year, so we needed to make sure we got lots of shots with him and the younger kiddos. blog-post-brothers-on-the-kitchen-swing I think this is my favorite of the bunch–everyone just hanging out. blog-post-five-kids-at-home

Sweet momma, I am going to make you get in some photos one of these days. I will only let you off the hook so many times. :) Thanks for a fun session, as always!

Love, Andrea

Hey, friends. I’m technically working at The Blue Giraffe in Old Town Spring, so come join me for a pumpkin coffee. Happy weekend!

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