little ray of sunshine {The Woodlands, TX, Preemie Prints photographer}

What have you done today that’s kind or generous? I ask my kids this every day after school. Sometimes they’ll tell me before I even remember to ask. As their momma, I think it’s my moral obligation to do my best to create two great people–not great spellers or great mathematicians or great artists or great athletes.

What makes a great person? In my humble opinion, it’s someone who is kind, first and foremost. Secondly, it’s someone who is generous and acts selflessly. As their role model, this means I have to find ways in my daily life to be kind and generous to demonstrate.

This is the first thing you see when you walk into our home:


So here’s one of my favorite ways to be kind and generous: my love to combine photography and people who have a lovely story to tell and a need to capture a particular time of life. If you’ve visited this site before, you probably remember some of my Preemie Prints sessions. If not, Preemie Prints is a lovely organization that pairs photographers who want to donate their time and talent to parents of preemie babies. Lots of those sessions are done in the hospital. However, sometimes when the stars align and these sweet babies are healthy enough and strong enough to go home, we can do “graduation” sessions.

I met this family at the Riva Row boathouse at The Waterway right before sunset, so we could capture this little model. How do I know she is a model? Because I walked up and introduced myself to her, and she said, “Oh, so you just want me to smile and look extra adorable for every picture? Okay!”

blog-post-andrea-bacle-photography-preemie-prints-the-woodlands-waterway She wasn’t quite able to sit up yet, so tummy time worked just blog-post-andrea-bacle-photography-preemie-prints Yes. When you smile like that, I’ll get down in the grass for you all day long, blog-post-preemie-prints-the-woodlands blog-post-preemie-prints This, of course, is my favorite. Smooches, sun flare, and a happy momma/baby pair. Basically, my goal for every session. blog-post-sun-flare blog-post

Sweet family, I sure hope you love these pics of your darling one. It was truly my pleasure to meet you and capture this moment.

Love, Andrea

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