Riva Row family session at sunset {The Woodlands, TX}

I think I talk about this same topic around this time every year, but I never know which pics to include in the preview for fall-ish sessions. I don’t want to post the picture that’s going to be picked to go on the holiday cards that will be sent out and spoil the surprise, so I usually focus on the little ones. But, how cute are these two?? If you’ve ever read a blog post of mine, you probably realize I’m a nerdy romantic, so I always love to celebrate love. After seeing these two cuties, I almost forgot there’s a cute kid to showcase. blog-post-momma-and-daddy-riva-row-boathouse-at-sunset

I sure love this little dude. He and my sweet girl were in kindergarten together, and I got to see him each week for a school year. As a former teacher, he is such an all-around great kid: kind, friendly, happy, and smart. As a photographer, um, he’s the best! We were all joking about how these were looking just like his senior pics. Pose, smile, ding! Momma, I’m afraid we’re going to blink and our kiddos really will be taking their senior pics.  blog-post-not-senior-pics-second-grade-the-woodlands-tx This one is my favorite of the session. What a cool kid. PS, I used to always do a shot in this pose for every session. I need to get back to it–I love it.blog-post-the-woodlands-tx-second-grade

Mom and Dad and B, thanks for a fun and easy session. Thanks for letting my littles run around and visit. I hope the kiddos are in class together again one of these years! I’ll have your full gallery ready soon.

Love, Andrea

Alright peeps, if you’ve been wanting a session before the end of the year, don’t wait. I have a few weekdays spots still available. All of my Saturdays are booked through November, so give me a call and see if we can squeeze you in! :)

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