Maine travel photographer; anniversary session {Maine, USA}

Lately I’m only advertising and marketing myself as a travel photographer. After seven years of being a stay-at-home/working-from-home momma, my youngest kiddo is in kindergarten, and I feel like I can finally get back to my real, true self: a world traveler. The first question I get when I tell people I’m a travel photographer: But how do you get clients to book you??

Well, it depends. Some people call and book like a normal session–it just happens to be a cool out-of-town location. However, most of my travel shoots are from friends and former clients who want me to meet them on vacation to document it.

This shoot was in one of my favorite locations: Maine. And if you’ve never been, you should put it on your travel bucket list. I’ve known this lovely couple since their dating days and their wedding happened to be my husband’s and my first date after having our daughter. That may not sound exciting, but she cried for the first year of her life.


We were ready for a night out.

Anyhow, as lovely as their wedding was, they were less than thrilled with their wedding photos and photographers, and boy have I heard some whining for the past seven years about those crummy pics. :) So, the last time this bride and I met for a reunion, I suggested we do an anniversary session. I tried to talk her into wedding attire (of course), but they really wanted some simple and lovely pictures of them in their element: at home. Their home away from home is on their boat, so they twisted my arm and finally convinced me to go out on the boat with them for a shoot. I made them take me to lunch with this view:



Back at their house, I wanted to give them a true “lifestyle” session. They both love their beautiful home and have spent years slowly remodeling and renovating rooms here and there. Additionally, they love to garden, and since it’s so crazy-beautiful in Maine in the summer, we did lots of pics outside.

Seven years and still so in love:
blog-post-7th-anniversary-sesh-maine blog-post-anniversary-sesh

How fabulous is this garden in their backyard? And this is where we got our dinner from. (By the way, feeding me is not required.)maine-blog-post-lifestyle-at-home-garden

Ok, this is just me being my nerdy self. The Mr. of this fabulous couple asked me to get some nice shots of his house, and I fell in love with their front door color. Is it red? Is it orange? No one can tell, but it’s great. maine-blog-post-lifestyle-at-home Their fur baby they so sweetly named after me: Andy. I’m just going to go ahead and assume they named him after me. No need to confirm that. blog-post-maine-lifestsyle-at-home-with-dog blog-post-maine-lifestyle-at-home-at-sunsetAfter the shoot, comes more food. And drinks. And lots of laughs.

maine-blog-post-mussels-lifestyle-session I love these two. Don’t they look so New England-y and fabulous? maine-blog-post-lifestyle-at-home-on-the-boat

Just a dude and his boat. I’m heavy on the mister-pics on this preview, because I was determined to take some pics that he’d like to have of their Maine life. He said he didn’t have many pictures he likes of himself, so I figured that when you’re in your element, you look your best. I hope you love these, friend. blog-post-maine-lifestyle-on-the-boat

R+R, I hope you know how much I adore you two. Your Maine life is so lovely and idyllic. Thank you for sharing it with me. I can’t wait to see you soon.

Love, Andrea

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  1. Terrence M says:

    Great rreading your blog

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