family of three at sunset at The Waterway {The Woodlands, TX}

Lots of times on the drive home after a shoot, I start thinking about what I’ll write about in the blog post for the preview. I have to start thinking early, because my dear sweet children have sucked the creative life out of me.

Does it seem like I blame them too often? Meh. I’m okay with that.

I swear I used to be such a creative little chick. And now, if you could see a picture of my brain, I imagine it’s like this lazy couch potato eating a bag of disgusting chips and binge watching Netflix–and of course it’s nothing educational like documentaries. In my mind, the room is lit only by the tv and the couch is a dingy maroon, textured velvet upholstery. Gross, right? I think it’s time for that gal to get up off her booty.

So, as I was driving home from this crazy-beautiful-gorgeous-lighting at my favorite Woodlands location, I started thinking about my son. This wide-eyed beautiful boy reminds me so much of my little guy. Their personalities are so similar; I guess I’m consistent, because I just looked up the blog post about his last shoot, and it was all about my kid. See?? Get off the sofa, sister!

The first shoot was more of a “Mommy and Me” type session, so I wanted to make sure I highlighted Dad in this preview. Can you tell they like each other??


And speaking of Dad (to quote my son, of course; he says “and speaking of” to segue every conversation), he and I were joking about their recent trip to Disneyworld and how all of those family pictures had Tinkerbell and fairy dust in them. So, I thought I’d add a little fairy dust of my own. I get that not everyone wants so much haze and flare in a picture, but to catch it in camera like this is my own version of magic.



The last time I shot this sweet one, we were on a mission to announce him to his family and friends who’ve been waiting a long time for him. I designed one of my favorite cards for his sweet momma to send out, and I thought I’d mention it here. I just had a client I’ve had for years tell me she didn’t realize I could design custom cards for her.


Sweet family, have I mentioned how much I love your kid?

blog-post-family-of-three-waterway-the-woodlands-txThank you again for allowing me to be there for such a special time. It truly fills me with joy. I’ll have them all ready soon.

Love, Andrea

Alright, people. Let me put these chips away; I’m off to do something creative.

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