baby, basket, morning glories {The Woodlands, TX, newborn photographer}

So, I’ve sort of spent the last six years working on the inside of my house and have kinda sorta neglected the outside. In order to prevent our neighbors from starting a petition to kick us out of the ‘hood, we’ve been working our last few weekends to get our act together and look presentable. I know there’s no “before” image to show you, but we have started with a cute little sitting area in the front. The kids request that I sit there waiting for them when they get off the bus. I still plan on putting two additional potted plants with small trellises of bougainvillea on each side of the bench.


Anyway, I’m getting to a point. Two points, really:

1. Sorry, dear clients, for the construction zone you had to walk over to get to the house.

2. As you can imagine, my backyard is equally neglected and isn’t much to look at, but dang, if it doesn’t get the best light nearly all day long. And once we find that bag of money, we’ll start the room addition that opens to the oasis/pool.


As you can see from my favorite photo shoot of my kids together swinging in jammies to modeling a Crazy Eyes outfit (I mean “snowflake” Halloween costume–she seriously came up with that hairdo on her own) that the sun gives me some pretty light back there. So when clients want to do a shoot at my house, I often try to stage a setup in the backyard.

Cue this basket of cutie pie-ness and my homegrown morning glories:

Oh, mercy. I don’t think it’s possible to beat a hint of a smile in momma’s These fingers. I’m dying. blog-post-newborn-baby-delicate-fingers-white-backdrop



Momma and Daddy, congratulations!! I’m so, so happy for you. Thank you for letting me spend the morning with your handsome little dude; he is a doll. I will have the rest ready as soon as I can.

Love, Andrea

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