4th birthday party pictures {Kidville, The Woodlands, TX)

Hey, hey, party people. I love to shoot special events, especially birthday parties. And this Little Miss Cutie Pie is 4! You may remember her and her sweet baby brothers from their family session last November. Her sweet family asked me to capture her party at Kidville, and–oh my goodness–she was one happy girl. Everywhere she turned, she was so excited to see what was next: music, tattoos, play areas, and her own beautiful Cinderella cake–“Look at my Cinderella cake! That’s for me!” She was so genuinely excited and overwhelmed that there were so many activities just for her. Momma and Daddy, you’ll have to teach me how to parent to teach such a grateful attitude.

blog-post-cinderella-birthday-cake This was a combination of excitement over playing and seeing the room decorated while seeing friends in dresses coming in. Pure joy.blog-post-4th-birthday-party-kidville-woodlands-tx

These little brothers were busy, busy. I have lots of cute pics of these two, but I wanted to make sure I highlight big sister’s big day here. blog-post-4th-birthday-girl-party-kidville-woodlands-tx-little-brothersFour is such a fun age, and the season of life of having a 4-year-old is so sweet. It’s teaching to tie shoes and lots of snacks and swimming and gymnastics and early bedtimes and early mornings. And lots of times, it’s exhausting. But, it goes by in a flicker. It seems like I was just at Kidville the other day at a birthday party standing around with the other parents chatting and eating cake. And then, the night before this party, I dropped my once-upon-a-time-she-was-a-4-year-old daughter off at a drop-off birthday party because she said she didn’t need me there.


But then my husband and I went and had tacos and drinks at The Waterway, and it wasn’t so bad. :)blog-post-4th-birthday-party-kidville-woodlands

Sweet family, I am so honored that you asked me to capture such a special day for you. This girl of yours is pretty fantastic. Happy 4th, sweet girl!

Love, Andrea

For you party goers interested in seeing the entire gallery, you can go to

https://andreabaclephotography.shootproof.com/gallery/avery     password: averyparty

and pre-register. When the full gallery is ready, you’ll receive an email notification. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!

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