Maine photographer–anniversary sesh

So, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve shifted much of my work to travel photography. I love travelling, and I want to help people get better at capturing those special moments away from home. I’ll be posting additional info and a “travel” button/page here soon for those of you interested in hiring a nerdy little lady to show up at your vacation spot.

On to this week’s lovely couple. Everyone now, “awwwwwwwww.”travel photographer When in Maine, you’ve gotta get a smoochy pic in front of a lighthouse. It’s state law. Look it up. travel photographer travel photographer She’s on a boat. And so was I. So, yes, yes I was humming “I’m on a boat” for about 47 hours straight. travel photographer So, these are two pics I’d put side by side if they were me and my man. You remember the scene at the end of Titanic when it pans through her picture frames and all the cool things she had done throughout her life? I’m sort of envisioning that here: these two in their Rhode Island home as centenarians with loads of great-grandkids running around and these up on the piano. What? Did you miss the “nerdy” part of my self-description?travel photographer

My most fabulous friends, happy anniversary. I love you both. travel photographer

Love, Andrea

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