surfer boys in Galveston {Texas beach photographer}

Yes, I’m back in Galveston. Why don’t I own a house there, you ask? I’ll be posting the Kickstarter campaign tonight, and then you’re all invited to hang. Should we do a condo or a stand alone house? I’ll let you guys decide. I do plan on figuring out one way or another to start writing/blogging/photographing for the City of Galveston. I figure since I’m technically the unofficial-self-declared-and-self-appointed-in-my-own-head ambassador to Galveston, it’s time I start doing some work for them, right?

Back to the important stuff: beach pics. Do you remember this little dude from the shoot with his brothers three years ago? It was time for an updated, sunset picture on the beach. Momma and I picked a spot close to Pleasure Pier, so the bribe was clearly in sight. I just took pictures of a family this week that maybe felt a little embarrassed to tell me they bribed their two-year-old with ice cream. I said, “Are you kidding?? I don’t think I’ve ever been on a shoot EVER when the parents didn’t offer up some sort of bribe to get the kids to cooperate. This includes pictures of my own kids!” Parents, when trying to get good pictures–just like figuring out how to get the kids to sleep through the night–my motto is: whatever it takes. :)galveston family session four year old

I’m always going to be partial to this blond cutie. He and my blonde cutie met when they were babies. I’m still in denial that they are seven. galveston family session seven year old boy

galveston family session seven year old boy by pleasure pier

Oy. How do they grow up and become teenagers? Can’t they just be our babies forever? Our family loves this young man. He’s a keeper. galveston family session teenage big brother

galveston 3 bros

galveston three brothers before sunset pleasure pier

Finally, here’s my little peanut. She is really taking an interest in photography and asks to be my assistant on every shoot. When I know the family well or ask ahead of time or really think I need her help on a shoot, I bring her along. As a thank you to my clients who tolerate it, I’ll send you the images she takes that aren’t blurry. She’s still trying to figure out that tricky shutter speed thing. galveston photographers assistant

Thank you, my most fabulous friend, for another fun beach adventure. Until next summer….

Love, Andrea


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