breathtaking beauty in the land of sugar {Sugar Land, TX, newborn photographer}

Two weeks left. TWO WEEKS LEFT. I’m not gonna wish the summer away, because this has been the most fun and fabulous summer ever. I’m not gonna wish these last two weeks away. Buuuuuut, ooh wee, won’t it be so much easier to work when my two monkey children are in school?? I am going to say this on the Internet, where everything is true and permanent, so it will be real, and I will be accountable: I have had seven years off, and once this baby boy finally starts school in two weeks, you’re going to be able to smell the smoke from my laptop. I am going to work like nobody’s business. And I really am looking forward to it. First, I’m going to have to make myself busy, because as crazy as these two make me sometimes, I am going to be one heartbroken little momma trying not to cry into her coffee when they leave. Second, I’m sure there’s going to be a Snopes article around Halloween titled something like, “Crazy, delusional working/stay-at-home mom thought she’d be able to cram 87 hours of work into a school day. Husband finds her passed out from a caffeine crash still wearing her old-lady reading glasses next to a smoking laptop.”

Sheesh, the point of all this was when I was packing up my stuff Saturday morning to leave from this lovely family’s home, I’m all: Yeah, I’ll totally have this preview done today. Tomorrow at the latest.


In my defense, my official policy is to post a preview within three days (which I’m still under), but I certainly didn’t get it done that day or the next. I forgot about those darn monkeys. Sorry. Again, I blame them. You have two now. You get it.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. This momma. For real, when I took this shot, I kind of forgot that there was a precious newborn in the picture. I am crazy over how gorgeous this lady is. It’s hard for me to do this job sometimes, because there’s so much focus on looks and beauty, and being kind and generous is so much more important. However, I am in love with this shot probably because she’s the kind of mom I’d want to look like.

Graceful. Poised. Serene. And gently closing her sleepy baby’s eyes to help her fall asleep. One of my best friends just reminded me yesterday of the first time we met, when I came into the room of a play date like an insane person/tornado/whirlwind practically in tears over my unimaginable, tiny–and I’m assuming–possessed non-sleeping newborn. Yes. She used the term, “hot mess.”

So, oh-so-lovely momma, I hope you can see your own beauty as a woman and especially as a mother of two, because it takes my breath away.

blog baby mila sugar land newborn photographer

Oh, yeah. There’s a baby to talk about. Oh, man. What a cutie pie. There is nothing better than snuggling a sweet tiny one. And then she talked to me a little. :)blog baby mila talking sugar land newborn photographer

Even though she’s good like a second baby is/has to be, I thought this was a fitting shot for parenthood in general. It doesn’t matter if you have the cutest nursery/crib/bassinet/house/playroom/castle/you name it, that kid is gonna wind up in your bed sooner or later. baby mila sleeping in momma's bed

What is is about the smell of the top of a baby’s head that’s so intoxicating? Has anyone bottled that yet? New moms know what I’m talking about. sugar land tx newborn photographer

And big brother? Oh, man. I love him. I have some really cute ones of him smiling, but I loved this one for the preview, because 1. It reminded me of his newborn shoot so much and 2. He didn’t realize I used to have a two-year-old little dude who thought he could figure out how to not smile for me. Don’t worry. I cracked him.  blog big brother two and a half sugarland family photographer

Sweet family, I am so, so excited for your precious little family of four. Good luck, and I hope you’re getting a little sleep. I’ll have the rest ready soon.

Love, Andrea

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