family and birthday beach celebration {Galveston family photographer}

Ok, first I’m going to jump right in with this show stopper. I mean, really.

This oh-so-fabulous lady came to Galveston with her kids and grandkids to celebrate her special blank-ieth birthday. Hey, I don’t think she’s shy about revealing her age, but I was raised in Louisiana. And (in my best Southern drawl), there are some things you just don’t reveal about another lady. You may be surprised to learn that I do have manners, after all.

Anyway, I am not even kidding, at the end of the session, I took some close up shots of this lovely one since she’s the one we’re all celebrating, and I had chill bumps all over my arms and legs, even though it was about 175 degrees outside with go-jillion percent humidity. I’m just that nerdy and she’s just that beautiful. Gorgeous. When I say I love my job? I really do mean it. mom 60th birthday in galveston family shoot

Can you imagine a more perfect birthday gift than spending a week at the beach with your most favorite people on the planet? And then top it off with a photoshoot of everyone to remember forever and ever? Bacle children, take note.
mom's 60th birthday in galveston extended family There were three grandbabies at this shoot. The boys were equally cute and fun, but I wanted to highlight this little turkey, just because my little braided-haired turkey isn’t so little anymore, and I miss those chubby cheeks, and it’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to. Want to know a super duper top secret I use to get kids to smile? Ask them to make a mean/pouty face first. Not a silly face. Do that, and you’ll never get their tongues back in their mouths. I usually say something like, “Ok, I want you to cross your arms and stomp a foot and go ‘hmpff,’ because you’re ready for me to be done. (And then I demonstrate what I mean, which they think is funny.) But don’t laugh! I need this to be serious.” They usually do it, but it’s a little silly, so they are feeling a little giggly, and then I say…04

…”Ok, now be super silly and laugh a lot!” It helps when you can get a big brother to come in with threats of tickles, too. Now that is a genuine, happy face. four year old with big brother on galveston beach

Ok, my beach family. I had a fantastic morning in the sand with you. I really hope you had a fun vacation–I had a blast. :)

Love, Andrea

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