sweet sisters {The Woodlands sibling photographer}

Do you remember the big sister of this sweetness? We shot her gray and pink nursery pics in 2015. Fast forward 19 months, and this little ball of sweet baby sister is here! My babies are 20 months apart, so I remember how hard it was to have two babies under two, but it is so worth it now. My two are the best of friends, and I think these two are going to adore each other just as much.

Oh, this face. Do you just stare at her all day??sweet newborn face week old baby girl

I love this one of the two girls together. There’s not much else in life better than a picture of all of your babies together and happy.  19 months apart sisters in pink

apple basket babyIf you’ve ever seen a blog post of mine from a newborn session, it won’t surprise you that I’ve included this one. I love, love, love mommas and babies together. If you’re planning a newborn session of your own, you’re not going to feel very glamorous. However, when I’m taking pictures of the baby alone, take the time to do your hair and makeup and put on your prettiest maternity top, and we’ll take some closeups of you and your sweet little bundle. It will take some time to lose those beautiful baby pounds that made that sweet thing, but she’ll (or he’ll) never again be a few days old, so let’s get some of you together. And really, who doesn’t want a picture like this with your new baby? So precious.momma and newborn baby conroe baby photographer

newborn baby snugglesFinally, here’s the trickiest of all the newborn shots: the smile. When I’m able to capture it, it feels like magic. I think this was the one and only time I saw her smile during the shoot; the stars were aligned and I was able to get it. L-O-V-E.newborn baby girl smiling

And just in case Big Sister is feeling left out, here’s a “then and now” pic of her on Momma’s shoulder from when she was the newborn and now as the big girl she is:

the woodlands sibling photographerSweet family, I feel so honored that you asked me to be there for both of your precious newborn girls. Thank you for being so patient on your full preview–I’ve been travelling and teaching like a crazy person and couldn’t seem to find a chance to write this up. I’ll have your gallery ready soon!

Love, Andrea

PS, mommas-to-be: I’m starting to book up for fall newborn sessions. If you’re thinking about scheduling, don’t wait. Even if you’re on the fence, call me to hold a spot and then cancel if necessary vs. waiting to call at the last minute. Happy pregnancy!

andrea.bacle@gmail.com or 508.768.5808

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