three Houston brothers {TX family photographer}

So, I love it when a client gives me an assignment. The beautiful momma of these two boys showed me one of her most favorite pictures of her middle dude and asked me to recreate it so she has an updated version. I made sure to take a picture of the original, because you know my poor, old my-kids-never-let-me-sleep brain would need a reference picture. Here’s the original in their crazy beautiful home (I think I have her beat on the number of colors in the house, but she definitely has me beat on patterns and textures and layers–gorgeous!!).   original richie file

Here’s my version. So handsome!after richie pic

Sheesh. Where to start on this cuteness? He’s at that practically perfect 7-month age, so he can sit up and basically had full conversations with me. Turns out, he’s a big Yankees fan. Of course you know I’m a Boston/Papi gal, but he could probably hypnotize me into cheering for the Yankees again. I mean, I think I could stare into these eyeballs all day. 02blog six month baby boy orange cribToo many cute faces! And these were just me snapping some before he even got into his real outfit for the session. six month baby boy orange crib

Finally, here’s the biggest brother of them all. Don’t worry, Momma, I have one with him looking and smiling, but there was something about this expression and look he was giving you that I thought was extra dapper. As a mother of a will-be-a-teenager-one-day son, I’d like to think he’s thinking:

Oh, look at my beautiful mother over there. She’s such a sweetheart to think about scheduling pictures for us so we can remember this time in our lives. I think I’ll tell her later just how much I love her and thank her for always thinking of us. She does everything for us. She’s just so amazing!

big brother 12 years old blog

That’s pretty close, right?

Sweet family, it was such a pleasure meeting you. I will have the rest ready for you son!

Love, Andrea

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