Preemie Prints at Burroughs Park {Tomball, TX, family photographer}

Hey, families! It’s almost the end of May, and my summer sessions are almost fully booked through August! Of course, if you call and say you want to do it at the beach, I will ALWAYS make room. :)

It’s been several months since my last Preemie Prints session, so I was super excited to meet this little bit for her “Graduation Session.” If you are unfamiliar with Preemie Prints, Here’s their mission and vision from their website,

“Any amount of time spent in a NICU is too long. We will devote the time and energy necessary to support NICU families and share hope with them during this difficult time. We have a mission to support families who have babies born prematurely or critically ill.”

So, this sweet girl and her parents and I spent a mid-afternoon Friday at Burroughs Park in Tomball together to celebrate her! She was acting a little fussy, and we couldn’t seem to make her happy at first, so we took her over to the swings, which cheered her right up. Poor baby! Her momma just let me know it turned out she was teething and finally had some teeth pop through. She was such a trooper!andrea blog preemie prints01

Oh, boy. Talk about a graduation picture. Were you ever able to imagine when she was in the NICU that you’d get to this point where she’s Little Miss Independent and ready to stand on her own?? They grow up so darn fast, don’t they?andrea blog preemie prints02Yes, I did get plenty of pictures with smiles, but this one spoke to me. She is so stinkin’ pretty! Those lips? Those big eyeballs? Little flip of hair? Is it too late to have another baby?? Answer: yes, yes it is. andrea blog preemie prints03andrea blog preemie prints04

I have to give a little shout out to this duck. He was kind enough to be chill, which entertained our gal enough to distract her from her teeth and give us some sweet smiles. And, yes, we were three grown adults very excited to say, “Oh, look! What does the duck say??? Quack, quack!!” and he still didn’t run away from that craziness. Thanks, dude. blog duck

Sweet family, your baby girl is precious. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon!

Love, Andrea

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