the forest in The Woodlands {outdoor family photographer}


Do you remember these beautiful girls from their clover session last year? What a morning we had! I came across a 3-foot long snake before they got there (yikes), we threw lots of rocks into the water, we met a friendly turtle named Tuck, we smelled lots of flowers, we climbed on lots of rocks, and we met a friendly dog. 

But first, twirling.

big sister twirling riva row boathouse lifestyle

This sweet girl kept pointing and saying, “That’s the forest!” Oh, this smile. So stinking cute. It’s super hard to get genuine smiles at this age. Kids are usually trained to smile for the camera at this age, and so lots of times you get the “cheeeese” smile. But, this? Totally genuine and happy. I think she might end up being your nature girl, momma.riva row boathouse family toddler pics

The gorgeous momma of these girls really prefers candid photos the most, so I tried to follow the girls at the end of the shoot to make sure I got a few more of them doing something cute. I think, graphically, this is a really cool shot (and now I want to take my kids down to Town Green Park to copy it). I really love the reflection, too. But, I probably really love it because I adore how little sister is deep into this stage of wanting to do everything big sister does. I have no doubt C would follow G to the ends of the earth. I hope they will always have that connection and G will remember to be extra kind to her little sister, since she does adore her so much (ahem…this is a reminder for me to remind my big girl to be extra sweet to her little brother who would–I’m sure–go play in traffic if she asked him to. In fact, he’d probably turn around and look at her and say, “Like this, Birdie?”).

sisters town greene park the woodlands

Sweet family, thank you for a fun morning and for meeting me so early. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon!

Love, Andrea

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