little dude’s first pictures {Creekside lifestyle photographer, The Woodlands, TX}

After having a fun play date with this guy and my little guy a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to take this little dude’s first official photo shoot pictures last week. And, I know often hijack my clients’ posts talking about myself or my kids, but this little guy reminds me so much of my little guy, which I love, of course. I’m especially schmoopy-whoopy over my Winston these days, because he just turned 5 AND I just registered him for kindergarten. He was at a friend’s house the other day all day, and, although it was nice to have a solid chunk of time to work that wasn’t 2am, it was too quiet. And dang, I missed him. September is gonna be hard.

My guy and this little handsome guy both have similar names, they both can’t seem to take a bad picture, they are a little on the quiet side (not a bad thing, people; how many crazy little dudes do you know that could stand to be a little more chill??), and–most importantly–they love their mommas.

ralenston blog toddler hugging momma creekside woodlands

They both have that killer eyebrow move down. Here’s Winston’s latest. I was asking him to teach me how to do it.

ralentson blog post toddler with bubbles creekside woodlands

They both look good in a hat. Here’s my favorite Winston-hat pic.

ralentson blog post toddler in hat

Finally, they are both so happy and joys to be around. (Do you see that little bandaid on his hand? Momma said it was just for decoration. Hmm, reminds me of one of my littles who always wanted a bandaid on her hand….)

ralenston fake bandaid creekside woodlands

Sweet momma, I love your little guy so much, and I hope you love these. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon!

Love, Andrea

PS, party people, I’m officially booked through the end of July. It’s not too crazy to call me to schedule your Fall sessions! xoxo or 508.768.5808


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