newly minted, part 2 {Galveston beach newborn photographer}

On the last blog post, I titled it “Newly Minted,” because this little nugget was just born. But, it was also an inside joke, because when her lovely momma was pregnant, I had a dream that I convinced her to name her Minted–and then I totally forgot to write about it in the blog post. In that dream, she was also 11+ pounds. Good thing neither one of those came true! If I remember correctly, she came out a perfect 7lbs, 7ozs and has the most beautiful name ever.

My most favorite pastime in life is to talk baby names with pregnant mommas. I couldn’t convince her momma to wait to find out the baby’s gender, and I couldn’t talk her into any of the wacky names I texted her once a day; however, I did convince her to let me put her newborn baby in a boat in the ocean at sunset. So win-win. :) beach baby sunset

We went to the beach for this family’s last family session, so we wanted a different look for this one. If you are looking for a spot like this in Galveston, try going underneath Murdoch’s and that way you can get Pleasure Pier in some of your shots, as well. Yes, yes I do want to be the official Ambassador to Galveston. Why do you ask? I’m patiently waiting by the phone for the city to call me. beach family blog galveston under murdoch's

Thanks, baby girl, so being so agreeable. I think she’s going to be a beach baby for sure!blog newborn galveston beach session

Oh, boy, how much do I love this one? Sisters together and sandy toes? LOVE.newborn session on the beach big sister baby girl galveston

Finally, I had to share a happy one of this semi-toothless brother. Have your kiddos lost any teeth yet? Make sure you take some pics! Those new ones come in so fast, and–knock on wood–this will be the only time in their lives when they’ll look like this. blog missing tooth little dude

Thank you, sweet family, for letting me talk you into more beach pics. I’ll have them ready soon.

Love, Andrea

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