newly minted {The Woodlands, TX, newborn photographer}

So, I’m kind of in love with this kid. Yes, I might be a little partial, but she is super groovy. And, ok, ok, her momma is one of my most favorite friends, and her big sister will most likely be my daughter-in-law one day, but–for real–she is the best. And, super-duper extra bonus? There may or may not be a part 2 of this newborn session featuring a baby who may or may not be in a boat on the beach at sunset…. Guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. :)

Oh, boy, those of you with big kiddos, how much do you miss having a baby sleep on your chest? I can practically sniff that baby head through the screen. black and white momma and baby newborn baby girl lucy spring txThere are some newborn sessions that take many hours and leave me hot and sweaty and exhausted. It’s hard work making it look this easy! But this little nugget was such an easy model. We did her awake pics, fed her, changed her, and then she was sweet and easy and went to sleep for me. blog post newborn baby girl lucy spring txIf you haven’t been around newborns much, you probably won’t recognize this as an almost smile, but it totally is. I think she was just a week old in these, and she was already so curious and so great about looking into the camera. Don’t you love this sweet blanket? Her sweet aunt handmade it for her. blog post newborn baby girl lucy

Momma, I have tons of the details shots you wanted, but it would have taken me two more hours to put that together for your preview, so you get what you get. :) I hope you love these, and I’ll have your part 2 preview ready in a few days.

Love, Andrea

PS, Any pregnant mommas out there looking for a newborn photographer, I’ve only got two more openings for newborns for June and July. Don’t wait if you’ve been thinking about booking! xoxo

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1 Response to newly minted {The Woodlands, TX, newborn photographer}

  1. Erin Hawk says:

    Newly Minted. Minted. Your dream came true after all – haha. I love it :) & love the preview. Thank you!

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