sister tea party time {family styled shoots, The Woodlands, TX}

Oh, good golly. Thank you, sweet momma, for being so patient with me. I’ll have your gallery ready on time, but this preview is late, because I am STILL having computer issues. Anyway, enough complaining and on to the fun stuff. One of my most fabulous Houston clients came up for a tea party for her girls last weekend. (And I got to try out my DIY wall and floors!) I first met her at their first baby’s newborn session–I had to go all the way to the blogspot days from many moons ago to find her first preview. Fast forward a few years and a second sweet sister, and you’ve got two beautiful tea partiers on your hands.

Dishes, jewelry, and flowers. All signs of a successful teeny, tiny fancy party. All of these props are from Miss Camille’s shop in Old Town Spring. If you are an Instagram-kinda-person, I am starting an Instagram account for her in the next few days. More to follow. tea party

So, yes, this was sort of staged, because I set it up this way. But, they were really drinking and eating and having a little party and being so sweet to each other. Adorable. tea party sisters the woodlands tx tea time

tea party sisters the woodlands tx

I know I’ve mentioned in another preview, but their momma is a fabulous seamstress as a hobby, and these girls always come in the best made-by-momma dresses. Don’t you think they’ll look back on these one day and feel so special that she made these for them?

A little twirling and hand-holding and you get this cuteness.sweet sisters dancing homemade dresses

Alright, momma, I think we accomplished your goal of getting some cute pics of them together!tea party sisters spring tx

Thanks again for waiting on me. I’ll have the rest of your gallery ready in a couple of days!

Love, Andrea

And for anyone else reading this, may your babies sleep and your hard drives never crash. :)

Also, I need to say thanks to my in-house model for always helping me prep for shoots. Love you, dude.

model b

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3 Responses to sister tea party time {family styled shoots, The Woodlands, TX}

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  2. Ivonne says:

    Hi! I’m looking to do a tea party session for late October, early November

    • andreabacle says:

      Thank you for your inquiry! As of Fall 2020, I am only booking travel sessions, so I don’t have the tea party setup available right now. Feel free to call if you’d like to book something. 508.768.5808

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