2016 senior portraits downtown Houston {Texas senior portrait photographer}

I’m so super excited to post this preview. Do you remember this gorgeous girl from when we first met four years ago? Ack!! She’s a senior! Holy moly. Where does the time go? Are you seeing how gorgeous and grown up she is? I’m so excited for her next steps out there into the real world. Hang on, sister. It’s gonna be awesome. senior portraits downtown houston commerce street

The second part I’m excited about is that we found the Sugar and Cloth color wall downtown and were able to take some shots before the crazy floods started. Really, her fabulous momma had to hold the umbrella over my camera because it started raining on us at the end. So cute!sugar and cloth color wall downtown houston senior portraits

We figured we would make the rain work for us. This is one of those times when I want to take my kids to a spot and recreate pictures from a photo shoot. I will definitely have to come up with some bribery if I want any smiles in those pictures. sugar and cloth color wall downtown houston

I love it when a client brings some props!senior portraits downtown houston with the hanging treeAnd I love it even more when we can find a meaningful location to shoot. senior portraits downtown houston courthouse honeysuckle

So, the last time I was at my favorite shop in Old Town Spring, Camille’s, I saw this dress hanging and immediately knew I wanted it for this shoot. I knew this tall beauty would be able to pull it off. Plus, it’s antique, so I figured there wouldn’t be too many other similar senior portraits.

senior portraits downtown houston

I know most people probably don’t care too much about the “ring” pic, but it makes me a little sentimental. My high school ring was stolen a few years ago when our house was broken into, so I’m a little bummed that I don’t have it to pass it down to my daughter. One of my friends in grad school wore her mom’s ring, and I always thought I’d pass mine down. Ah, well. I could always get a replica made–uh, I don’t miss it that much! :)senior ring macro downtown houston

Dad, thanks for being our most fabulous chauffeur and tolerating the three of us yelling, “Ooh, what about that spot? Pull over!” Mom, you are as lovely as ever. I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your sweet laugh. It always makes me smile. And, my darling senior, I wish you all the best of luck in these next few years. I hope you love these pictures of yourself. You’re gonna blink, and it will be 20 years from now, and it won’t be 1996, um, I mean, 2016 anymore.

Love, Andrea

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