“momma and me” tea party {Mother’s Day 2016, Old Town Spring}

Mother’s Day 2016 is almost here! How will you celebrate? This year, I am already scheduled to work the weekend of Mother’s Day, so my sweetie pie family sent me to Houston for a mini-me getaway on Saturday.

waterway date

After a Friday night date night with the hubs, I headed to Houston: I recharged my batteries, had dinner with one of my loveliest friends at my favorite restaurant, did a little fancy shopping, slept a lot, and had a fabulous shoot with one of my favorite seniors (a preview is coming on that!).

overnight in houston

Whew. Just what I needed. PS, I’m not usually a selfie kinda gal, but when I’m away from David and the kiddos, they want me to send lots of pictures. Winston always wants to see the hotel room, the bathroom, and the view from the room.

So, how will you spend your day? Can your man no longer think of the perfect gift to give? I’ve got it! Come do a “Momma and Me Tea Party” session with you and your little girl(s). This is for mommas and little ladies only. I’ll post another ad in a few days for a Momma and Little Dude session.

There are two options. On Saturday morning, April 23rd, I am partnering with my friend and favorite Old Town Spring business owner, Ms. Camille of Camille’s. She has a lovely vanity in the back of her store we’ll use for the “before” black and white getting-ready pictures. I’ll have rollers and brushes and makeup and silky bathrobes, but if you book one of the slots, I’ll send you more information about what you should bring and what I’ll have for you to use.

On Sunday, we’ll do the same thing at my house. Here are the example shots my second-shooter husband took (and I edited) to show you what we’ll do. My little one’s favorite thing to do in the world is to watch me get ready when I’m getting all dressed up. She wants to pick out everything: hair, makeup, outfit, bag, jewelry, and–of course–shoes. So, I thought it would be sweet for her to “play” dress-up with me.momma and me getting ready with curlers

momma and me getting ready with makeup

momma and me with makeup and brushesmomma and me lipstick and curlers

momma and me pucker up your lipsmomma and me mascaramomma and me getting ready

So, the next step is the “after” tea party. At Ms. Camille’s, we’ll have a pretty little table and chairs with beautiful teacups and saucers. At my house, I like the simplicity of two chairs in the kitchen.

mommy and me tea party old town springmommy and me tea party old town spring polka dotsmommy and me tea party old town spring polka dots blonde curls

If you want to book a slot, give me a shout. Have a little dude? Don’t worry! I’ll post an ad for a momma and little guy shoot in a few days. If I forget to tell you, Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve some pampering. :)

Love, Andrea         508.768.5808 or andrea.bacle@gmail.com

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