top 10 best poses/images for one-year portraits {The Woodlands, TX, lifestyle photographer}

You may remember the lovely momma of this crazy-beautiful-perfect-model of a boy from her maternity/family session. We scheduled his one-year pictures, and wouldn’t you know it? When we were able to get our schedules coordinated, the two middle kiddos had scheduling conflicts. So, it kinda sorta worked out for the best. How often does the littlest get to have one-on-one pictures taken only with his momma and his biggest sister? I’m always trying to convince mommas to take some pictures with just one kid at a time every few years, but it really never happens. But, when all the kids grow up, I think they’ll love those occasional one-on-one pictures.

I’ve had a lot of photographers who have started following me lately (I’m branching out into mentoring for photographers and moms of small businesses…more to come on that later); this was a lifestyle session in their lovely home and so I thought I’d turn this into a post about my top 10 favorite images/poses to get during a little dude’s one-year session in the home.

10. Looking out the window. First, you’ll always get great light. Second, you’ll probably get great expressions when you ask: What do you see out there? Is there a bird? Do you see your puppy dog?  one year old top ten poses for portraits andrea bacle photography 10

9. The “big boy” bed. Chances are, he won’t be sleeping in it yet, but if he already has it in his room, it sure makes for a cute picture. P.S., I think this is my favorite of the year top ten poses 8

8. Something unique that he’s doing that he won’t be doing forever. At first glance, this probably looks like she’s picking him up, but this is how he gives kisses right now. He says, “muh” and tilts down his forehead for a kiss. It’s crazy adorable. And I bet he won’t be doing it in a year from now. one year old top ten poses for portraits andrea bacle photography 9

7. The favorite stuffed animal. That usually always gets a sweet huggy picture. one year old top ten poses for portraits andrea bacle photography 6

6. Scale. It’s easy to think about how big our babies are when they are one and walking and always on the go. But, I love to put a little dude in a big room to remind me how tiny he still is. Don’t worry. Momma was one step away. one year old top ten poses for portraits 2 scale

5. A laugh. Enough said. one year old top ten poses for portraits andrea bacle photography 3

4. Walking holding momma’s hand. The time will come all too soon when he doesn’t need it anymore. one year old top ten poses for portraits holding momma

3. A cool piece of furniture in the home. Remember the purple sofa? If he doesn’t normally sit on it, you’ll be sure to get a cute “ooh, this is a new spot” sort of year old top ten poses for portraits special furniture

2. The front door. Who knows where he’ll end up one day? But I always love to take a picture of the house he lives in at the time. It’s part of his history. one year old top ten poses for portraits andrea bacle photography front door

1. The picture with momma. If you know me at all, this is no surprise that this is my favorite. I LOVE the pics I have with my little dude when he was one, and I want every momma out there to have those for herself. one year old top ten poses for portraits andrea bacle photography 1

Thank you, sweet and lovely momma, for welcoming me into your gorgeous home. It was the perfect backdrop for this guy’s special session. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea     508.768.5808 or



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