momma and me {Mother’s Day 2016, destination family photographer}

Mother’s Day 2016! What are you doing for Mother’s Day this year? How about treating yourself to a “Momma and Me” session? Are you the kind of mom who wants to spend all day with the kids, or do you like to treat yourself to a day off on Mother’s Day? I am definitely the latter. I like for my kiddos to wake up me up with some snuggles and smooches and bring me coffee and then I get the heck outta dodge. I am one of those people who likes her “me” time. Call me crazy, call me selfish, call me weird. I don’t care. I need a day off every now and then to keep everyone in my house sane.

So, as I’m up and awake after everyone in the house so I can enjoy a little quiet time, I’m going back and updating this one to make sure I give my lovely friend a proper, 300-word post.

Nope. In case you’re keeping track, I’m still having computer/upload/download/backup file-sharing-saving issues, but I sure love this momma of four, so I wanted to post another picture for her. She is one of my all-time favorite super hero ladies. She’s gorgeous (obviously), a fabulous stay-at-home, a homeschooler, a fantastic photographer/small business owner, and married to my husband’s college roommate who is one of our friends from when we were kiddos–pretty darn close to the oldest of this crew. Phew. See what I mean? We are both from Louisiana but have lived far apart for a while, so we meet up whenever we can. We met a few weeks ago, and we took the opportunity to get some update shots of her with her oh-so-sweet baby girls.

alyssa momma and me ad

momma and four girls mommy daughter pictures the woodlands tx

My sweet friend, I hope you guys find your way back to Texas soon. If not, you know we’ll invite ourselves to Colorado before long!

Love, Andrea

P.S., I’ll be doing “momma and me” sessions on April 23rd. If you need a new picture of you with your little ones, call me! 508.768.5808 or

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