bluebonnets 2016 {Montgomery, TX, flower chaser}

Ack! This summer, this dude is gonna be one! How is that possible? Didn’t we just do his newborn shoot the other day? Also, he was just a peanut in his momma’s belly when we shot my little “after the shoot” video. I told his momma we should do his next milestone pictures when he was sitting up, so we planned to do it with a few bluebonnets. He’s Texas-born, so it’s only fitting. (My own little dude was born in early April, so his yearly birthday pictures always happen to be in bluebonnets. Oh, Texas baby problems.)8 months sitting up in the bluebonnets

Hmm, the hair blowing in the wind, the smile, the baby blue eyes, the monogram, the toes…I just can’t pick a favorite detail. Momma, I hope you love the tree in the background. :) When you put in a special request for a certain detail, I sure will do my best to make it happen!

8 months and sitting up in montgomery tx bluebonnet field

I’m so crazy about this sweet family. I’ve known them for almost four years now (since their first newborn shoot), and they really represent the best part of my business. There are some days when it’s hard to juggle everything and I’ve been going on little sleep for days and my house is a wreck, but then I’ll have a shoot with one of my favorite families, and I think I have the best job on the planet. I have so many clients who have become friends, and it is truly a joy getting to see them again and again and especially to watch their sweet babies grow up. I really do feel honored to capture these moments for you.

Isn’t this such a pretty spot?bluebonnet family montgomery tx 2016

I think lots of people have given up on bluebonnets after last year was such a poor showing. But, they are out there, and I will happily chase them around and find a good spot if you don’t want to miss the season.

Seriously? How cute are these three? Hmm, three precious babies happy and cracking up with perfect weather in some pretty flowers with Grandma, Momma, Daddy, and Crazy Camera Lady acting silly and making them laugh? Yes. Best job, for sure.twins and little brother bluebonnets montgomery tx

It was so great to see you, like always. I’ll have the rest ready soon.

Love, Andrea


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