momma and daughter moments {Galveston, TX, destination photographer}

If you’ve seen my house, you know you’re not talking to the right lady when you say, “I don’t really have any wall space for pictures.” Most likely, my house is smaller than yours, and–standby, I’ll do a quick count–I have 62 pictures in the house that are BIGGER than 8x10s. Um, holy moly. That doesn’t count small prints on tables here and there or the bathroom tiles or the refrigerator pictures or the samples in the garage…sheesh. Crazy much?? People, if you pass my husband on the street, please don’t remind him that this number is 62. Yes, he lives in the house with us, but I think that number might freak him out a little bit.
Where do I get all of the ideas for those pictures? This is usually how the process goes:

  1. A client calls: Hi, I’d like to get a picture taken at ________ (Woodlands Waterway, beach destination, when we go on vacation to Maine, etc.). My mind immediately starts churning. Add in another detail: I’m thinking I want one of the kids together since big sister is into ______ and little brother likes _______ right now. My mind is already imagining the session and outfits and poses and lighting…. Fabulous shoot, cheesy blog post, big pictures are ordered and delivered. Groovy.
  2. Ah, back home again to my house. Ok, I’m spent. I’ve used all of my creativity on my clients. I know! I’ll steal from the ideas I came up with for them. Here’s one and two and three and four recent blog posts with pictures I re-created after shoots I did with clients. I do this a lot it seems.

So, the point of all this is that for once, I did a shoot with my own kiddo that I didn’t do with a client. However, I can’t take any credit. It was not my idea. My little overly-sentimental and quixotic little one came up with this idea all on her own. Here’s the link to the full blog post about it. The real reason why I wanted to share it on here is because I think it’s so precious. I’d love to help you re-create an idea from one of our sessions if you’re willing to get your dress a little dirty. (Thank you to my husband for the sweet pic; he’s in training and is available as a second shooter for weddings. Also, she wanted these edited with extra pink for her room; the sunset is certainly real, but I pinked up the sand and water and our dresses a little for her.)mommy and daughter wedding dresses on the beach

Love, Andrea          508.768.5808 or

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