bluebonnets 2016 {Texas travel family photographer}

Oooh, I saw my first bluebonnet of the season today! Ok, so I guess I’m officially a Texas girl now. Seriously, I get more excited about these than Christmas.

This is just a little cell phone pic, but what is it that they say about the best camera? The one that’s with you? That’s what I had.

So, happy bluebonneting 2016! I’ll be logging lots of miles across this great state in the next month; hit me up if you’d like to rendezvous in a field. :) or 508.768.5808 bluebonnets2016

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2 Responses to bluebonnets 2016 {Texas travel family photographer}

  1. Jessica K says:

    Found any awesome places yet in The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery area? Last year I fell in love with the field in front of Ransoms steakhouse. Drove out there today and was sadly disappointed!!! Looking for a nice patch!

  2. andreabacle says:

    Hey, Jessica! I went this past week to the Ransom’s field, and it worked pretty well. We were the only ones out there, so I didn’t have to work around anyone. I saw that there were a few at the Conroe library, but they didn’t seem very thick. I’ve heard Brenham isn’t that great this year either. We saw tons and tons two weeks ago on our way to New Braunfels, but not many around here.
    Have you tried the field across from Montgomery HS?

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