awake and asleep newborn baby boy {Spring, TX, newborn photographer}

When I started editing this gallery, I asked my four-year-old son what he thought about this baby boy. (He’s still at home with me during the day, so when I’ve made the very silly decision to go to bed at a decent hour the night before instead of working, he helps me with culling and maybe a little photoshopping here and there. Although, he spends most of the time asking me to give someone an extra nose or take away an eyeball or change the hair to purple. Stuff like that is funny to four-year-old boys, apparently.)

Me: Do you like these pictures of this little baby?

W: Oh, he’s so cute!

Me: What do you like about him?

W: His cute little head and especially his cute little toes.

Cool. Sometimes it’s good to do a little quality control and get an objective opinion. What? You think there is someone more honest than a kiddo? Have you met my six-year-old daughter/almost teenager? Please, she’ll tell you like it is. She couldn’t stop laughing the other night, because I “remind her of a grandma” because I have so many wrinkles. Now, we do have an above average amount of smooth foreheads in this town, but cut me some slack, woman.

Anyway, back to the point: this adorableness. I got to spend my Sunday morning with this little sugar plum. How much do you love those fingers wrapped around Daddy’s thumb??andrea bacle newbornsI love, love when the baby looks straight into the camera. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking, “Stop taking my pictures, and just go ahead and pick me up and snuggle me already, Miss Andrea.” Ok, fine. Twist my arm. andrea bacle spring tx newborn baby boy and mom and dadHow can folded hands be so cute? I don’t know, but they are. andrea bacle spring tx newborn baby boy

Mom and Dad, your baby boy is a doll. Really. He is one great baby. Thank you so much for letting me capture these special moments. (My son and) I will have the rest ready as soon as I can. ;)

Love, Andrea


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