family of seven Rob Fleming Park {Creekside, The Woodlands, TX family photographer}

Oh, 2015…what a great year. Did you accomplish your goals? What are your plans for 2016? I LOVE making resolutions. I’ll do some year-end recapping at some point after Christmas.

So, this past weekend was my last shoot of the year (Wahoo! I’m so looking forward to hanging with my kiddos. I have tons of painting projects for the house planned, too.) Judging by the crowds at Creekside and Rob Fleming Park, I think it was the last shoot for every photographer in The Woodlands! The sky was overcast and the clouds shed a few drops on us, but we were able to get some great family pics. This family has three bigs and two littles, and once those big kids are out of the house (I’m guessing), it just gets harder and harder to get everyone together for the holidays. So, this sweet family and I spent the afternoon getting some traditional posey-posey-look-at-the-camera pics and some fun candids while everyone was together for the holidays.

Don’t you love how in the one where everyone is chatting and NOT looking at the camera, the baby looks straight into the lens? Classic.

family of seven creekside rob fleming parkI thought these next two of the boys (big and little) were super of seven creekside rob fleming park2family of seven creekside rob fleming park4This sweet girl. She walked out of the car and over to introduce herself–as a polite young lady should do. And me? Nope. I think I grabbed her face and started talking like a crazy person going on and on about her super gorgeous eyeballs before I even said hello. Whoops. Sorry. When I see beautiful people that I know the camera will love, my manners go out the window.

See? Am I right, or am I right? family of seven creekside rob fleming park3

Thank you, sweet family, for a great afternoon! I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

Thank you, sweet friends, family, and fans for a fantastic year! xoxo

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