grandparents and grandbabies {Tomball family photographer}

I met this lovely family this past weekend at one of my favorite spots in the area: Burroughs Park. If you’re looking for a great place to hang out as a family or take pictures or get outside and enjoy these beautiful Texas December days, head to Burroughs Park in Tomball. For photographers, it’s tricky because it’s popular (crowded) and there about a bazillion trash cans to Photoshop out. But, it’s got some lovely colors and so many options for photographic spots.

These sweet grandparents and grandbabies are four of a big family of nine. When I do previews, I love to show off the babies, and I’ve heard there’s nothing quite like holding your grandbabies, so I thought this would be a sweet one to show. Also, I’ve heard that this little cutie pie with the bow is notorious for looking away from the camera, so I thought it would be cute to show. I have some with her looking, but her little smile was just too sweet not to share. grandparents and grandbabies burroughs park tomballHow photogenic is this little one? I’m guessing she gets her picture taken A LOT. How could you put the camera down when she’s around? mimi and granddaughter burroughs park big eyesHoly moly. These eyeballs. Are they the biggest, bluest, sweetest things you’ve ever seen? This was the first shot of the session. So, Mimi (Correct spelling? I love asking what the grandparent names are. I already talk to my kids about what my grandma name should be. Really. I love talking baby names, especially. When I find out a friend is pregnant, I immediately start thinking of baby names and will randomly text names throughout her pregnancy.) Sorry. So, Mimi was holding baby brother while everyone was piling out of the cars, and he was immediately interested in the camera, so I started snapping. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better of these two, so I thought I’d share both. It’s easy to crop out, but I really love his tiny little belly showing, too. :)mimi and grandson big eyes burroughs parkmimi and grandson burroughs park

Big, sweet family, thanks so much for a great afternoon at the park. I’m so glad we had beautiful weather and some glowy sun for your family to spend together. I will hustle to get the full gallery done quickly. Happy Christmas!

Love, Andrea

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