6 months old and sitting up {Houston lifestyle photographer}

Ok. Here’s the deal. I’m kind of in love with this baby. Do you remember him from his newborn shoot? He’s six months, sitting up, and just as smiley and happy and handsome as ever. What’s funny is that when we were wrapping up, I was telling dad about how W was just so stinkin’ pretty he reminded me of one of my favorite books. He’s got this peaches and cream complexion with that naturally soft baby buzz cut hair. Put him in a white onesie (my favorite), and I’m done. I was gushing about how he reminds me of those little pudgy, perfect, soft skin babies from The Little Golden books and the illustrator Eloise Wilkin. As I was driving home, I was thinking that I’ve said that recently in a blog post, so I can’t write that in this one, but I couldn’t remember when I said it. Yep, it was this dude’s blog post. I’m telling you, he might be the beautiful-ist baby boy ever.  6 month old baby boy houston3I may have mentioned a time or two before about how much I love it when babies can finally sit up. I love that independence. I’m telling you, momma–you’re going to blink and he’s going to be in kindergarten.6 month old baby boy houstonI love looking back at my kids’ baby pictures from when their little personalities were first starting to show. This makes me think that we’ll see more of this funny little personality from this face again. And look at this beautiful momma. This is the kind of picture I think he would look at when he’s older and think: my sweet mom is so young and beautiful and happy and fun. Wait until he can hug your neck and kiss you and say, “I love you, momma.” It’s THE BEST. 6 month old baby boy houston2

Sweet family, thanks for a fun morning in your oh-so-lovely home. I’ll have the rest ready just as soon as I can.

Call me when you need a sitter. My little W helps me cull photos when he gets up in the middle of the night and I’m still working, and he is crazy over W, too. :)

Love, Andrea

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