smile, yawn, sleep {Houston family photographer}

It’s Sunday after Thanksgiving…are you busy putting up Christmas decorations? We have music playing but no decorations out yet. We were supposed to go get our Christmas tree yesterday for our new tradition of cutting ours down, but it was super gross outside. Plus, I still haven’t found any matching sweaters yet. The pressure is on.

I fully intended to post this late last night, but I (no kidding) started falling asleep while editing and had to stop. I’m not quite yet to the point of making coffee at midnight, but give me a week, and I’ll be there.

This family decided to do a photo shoot of just the kids for cards this year, so most of their shots are of the three kids together, so I thought I’d post these individual ones for fun. silly four year old brother in momma's bed

silly six year old girl upside downDo you remember this baby girl? I did her newborn shoot back in October. She is just as beautiful and smiley as ever. Momma said she was going to nap soon, and as I was busy cooing over her, this happened.  smile yawn sleep sweet baby

Um, excuse me?! Have I stumbled into some sort of alternate universe where babies sleep? What the heck? If I knew this were a possibility, I may have considered having more kids. Just kidding. Oh, have we met? What do you mean you’ve never heard me whine about my daughter not sleeping for a year-and-a-half straight? Please, let me tell you all about it…. And I don’t even care for one half of one second that she may one day read about me complaining about her to the internet world. That is her punishment. That, and the 12-piece marching band I’ll be sending to her dorm room every Saturday morning for the length of college. Bah-ha-ha-ha.

Ok, I’ll move on. Off to make some cocoa for my sweet babies I adore so much. :)

Sweet momma, it was great to see you and your sweet family as always. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

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