Thanksgiving cousins and grandparents {Houston family photographer}

Happy Thanksgiving, peeps! This was the first year in three years that I spent it with my hubby and kids. Thanksgiving  week is the busiest week of the year for me, so my husband usually takes the kids back to Louisiana for several days so I can work. This year, we decided that I’d still work, but we’d squeeze in some family time and make our big Thanksgiving dinner together.

One of my favorite families had me come down to Houston to get pics of the entire family in for the holidays. Isn’t the best part of Thanksgiving getting to see cousins and grandparents? I love how these four are all so close in age.

Also, how cool is this tree? How hard would it be for me to transplant this to my back yard? I’m sure the families in this neighborhood wouldn’t mind, right? I would let everyone come take pictures with it, obviously. thanksgiving cousinsDo you recognize two of these boys? They are featured in my “lifestyle sessions” tab. So stinkin’ cute…and getting so big!cousinsAnd this baby girl? You might recognize her from my “mini-sessions” tab and one of my first-ever Instagram posts. (Her pretty face is on my largest canvas sample I drag around everywhere.) Don’t worry, Sassy, I’m working on one with everyone in focus, but I thought this one was perfect because Little Miss didn’t want to sit with everyone else. I guess she thinks she’s one and a half or something. :) I like this one in black and white a lot, too, and I just couldn’t decide which one to show. grandparents and cousins

Oh, I love this sweet family!family of five

Thanks for welcoming me into your beautiful home, as always! I am working as fast as my little eyeballs and Photoshop will let me to get these done for you for Christmas cards. :)

Love, Andrea

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