Small Business Saturday 2015 {The Woodlands, TX, photographer}

Happy Black Friday! As a thank you to my fabulous clients and friends, I wanted to offer my first-ever Small Business Saturday deal to thank you so much for your support. If you book a session and/or pre-order print credit or digitals, you’ll get a sweet bonus. Please click on the item descriptions to find them.

Here’s the link. When the gallery opens, click on the photo, then click on “buy photo” in the top right corner. That will show you the available options. If it’s too tricky, just give me a call, and I’ll walk you through it–or I’ll call you back after my Saturday shoots. eye roll is for all the participants in all of these future photo sessions who really don’t want to be there (um, I’m talking to you, dads). Your wives and I are so very grateful. I really need to remember to start packing a flask for them….

I hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving and are enjoying these 75-degree-late-November-days. No? Just me?

Love, Andrea


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