one year later {Benders Landing Estates family photographer}

So, I’ve always thought it was “Bender’s Landing,” but I recently noticed on one of the signs in the neighborhood that there’s no apostrophe. Daaaang. The super grammar nerd inside me is hanging her head. Because, really, a misplaced apostrophe is just the worst offense for a former English teacher. Sorry, world. Now that we’re entering the grand season of adding apostrophes to make words plural for no real reason other than confusion of seeing it wrong everywhere, here’s a quick Christmas card lesson. (And, yes, I realize most people internalize grammar correction as evil criticism, so I’ll emphasize that this is from love and not judgment; it’s the teacher in me).

If your last name ends in a letter other than “s,” just add an “s” if you’re trying to make it plural: Love, The Bacles

If your last name ends in an “s,” just add an “es” to make it plural: Love, The Joneses

No apostrophe. If you’re really worried, do this: Love, The ____ Family

Ok, sorry. But, if I don’t figure out something to ramble on about like correcting this generation’s misuse of apostrophes, how in the world am I going to meet my 300-word requirement for Google to count this as “high-quality content?” Cue the chuckling, because I agree that my blog posts probably aren’t typically referred to as (use your air quotes here) high quality. And, really, I’m not sure why Google requires that number, because sometimes I can’t get people to read a 40-character text, so I’m guessing there are going to be all of three people who will ever read this far down. Raise your hand if you are reading this. See? Crickets.

Moving on. Do you remember these babies from last year? Oh, boy. It is so stinkin’ fun for me to see these kids year after year so I can see how big they’ve gotten. Adorable.

baby twin brother at home benders landingOk, I’m kind of in love with this baby girl. 1. She has the name I always, always thought I’d name my own girl. 2. She has the most energy and spunk and funny things to say, and she makes me smile and laugh at pretty much everything she says. One of my favorites from this shoot: “Hey, everyone! Look at me! Look at what I can do!” as she would twirl/climb/run/jump/pick up things/touch the water/hug a brother/etc.three year old big sister benders landing estatesthree year old woodlands waterway docThe air was chilly, but the light was dripping with sun flare-y goodness. I know this much hazy light is not everyone’s favorite, but I–clearly–can’t get enough. waterway super sun flare haze

Sweet family, it was great to see you, as always. I’m sure you’re anxious to get started on Christmas gifts; I’ll have the rest ready for you as soon as I can.

Love, Andrea

Boom. 477 word count. Whew. My New Year’s resolution is going to be to come up with better/more interesting/funnier blog posts. I will do better in 2016!

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