my bird is my muse {Houston, TX lifestyle photographer}

Hey, there! I’m sure you can tell by now that my teeny tiny model doesn’t mind posing for me whenever I get a bright idea. I’m on the hunt for a new master bedroom wall color (I have a bit of a problem with constantly redecorating my house; at last count, I have 18 different paint colors up in the house), so I got the idea of turning a favorite picture into a paint chip card. I found this super cute template from Coffeeshop Blog and then tweaked it a little. Anyway, I’m thinking about pulling from one of the big pictures hanging in our room (they are mainly kissy pictures, so I’ll keep those to myself), and I might make my own paint chip card from it for inspiration.

Also, I thought maybe you’d like to see something a little different on the blog. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving break!! Next week, I should have some oh-so-cute beach pics to share. I have one spot left if you want to bundle up the kiddos for some cute scarf-and-hat-sunset beach pics. :)

Love, Andrea

bird muse color inspiration or 508.768.5808

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