four boys {Houston, TX, lifestyle and family photographer}

Ok. Want me to keep it on the real, real, real with you? I love my job and I’m really passionate about creating beautiful art pieces for my clients.

(I went to a client’s house last night for a gallery view–I’ve been shooting them for five years now–and it was like my own personal art gallery. They have almost as many big pictures hanging on the walls as I do. Almost.)

HOWEVER, my passion is education. Always will be. While my kids are small, I need a flexible job, so I’m loving this until I get back into the classroom. To fulfill that education void, I do teach photography classes. And, every year starting in September, I volunteer for my lovely alma mater by working a booth at a ton of college fairs and then conducting entrance interviews. So I was super excited to meet this friendly young man and hear he’s a junior. I of course started asking him tons of questions about college and what he’s interested in. Anyway, good luck, sir! Let me know if you need a good college recommendation. :)houston junior andrea bacle photographyNext in line: the middle schooler. This young man was such a gentleman, even though taking pictures is not on the top of any 13-year-old’s to-do list; he was very kind and patient. (I did a year of student teaching middle school 7th and 8th grade, and the middle school ages are my favorite to teach. I loved this one because I thought it was such a good example of that in-between stage. seventh grader brother black and white andrea bacleAnd now, the wild and crazy bunch. The two little dudes of these four brothers are just as cute and fun as they look. You know I’m partial to a brown-haired-brown-eyed boy. I know this will come as a shock to any mother of a boy, but they didn’t even get upset when I asked them to wrestle a little! :)houston brothers with sun flare andrea bacle

And now, the oh-so-gorgeous momma–she is too pretty not to share with the world. I swear she is my beautiful doppelgänger. We were matching h-to-t: flowy white shirts, dark wash jeans, flats, two fancy bracelets, wavy brown hair. Oh, wait. She’s fancy for real. I just fake the funk. dop·pel·gäng·er

Sweet boys, I had a great afternoon watching you play and be silly. Thank you for being so good to your momma and posing for some pictures for her.

Love, Andrea

I’m booked through the end of the year, but I am already booking late January and–yikes!–already scheduling Valentine’s Day minis. or 508.768.5808


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