Woodlands Waterway at sunset with big sister and little bro {The Woodlands, TX, destination photographer}

Hey, hey, happy October! Are you ready for holidays to start? Have you picked out your Halloween costumes? Ack! I’m so behind. Anyone care to make a homemade Ewok costume for my little man? 4T, please and thank you.

So, this adorable family of four have been around the world and back, and now they are back home in the good ol’ Woodlands. Is there a better place to be? Ok, I’m sure Australia has some pretty parts, but c’mon, we have The Waterway!

We’re right in the middle of Christmas card season, and it’s always so hard what to decide to show for the preview, so I thought I’d focus on the kids. And, if you know me, and you see an older sister and a younger brother, guess what I’m going to talk about? My two. Fast forward a year or two, and these cuties could be my own.
the woodlands waterway lifestyle sunset photographer This oh-so-lovely young lady is at that perfect age of pre-teen-ness. As a mom of one little chica who is hot on her heels, it’s simultaneously scary and exciting. I mean, doesn’t this look like it could be a senior portrait??the woodlands waterway lifestyle sunset photographer I just had to put this in here, because this sweet girl and my sweet girl are still young enough to like their mothers. I know the push to get through those teenage years is coming, so I particularly adored the way they looked at each other and giggled in this one. As my son would say, “It makes me have butterflies in my belly.” the woodlands waterway lifestyle sunset photographer And this crazy little dude? It may as well have been my own little dude I was chasing around all afternoon, so you know I had a blast. the woodlands waterway lifestyle sunset photographer

And Dad?! I promise I didn’t forget you, but I’m trying to save some for the cards. I had such a lovely evening running around with the four of you. Thanks so much, and I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

andrea.bacle@gmail.com or 508.768.5808

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