9-week-old baby boy with momma and daddy {Houston, TX, lifestyle photographer}

Hey, hey! Happy August! I’m desperately hanging on to these last couple of weeks of summer. I am not ready to give my girl back to the elementary school machine just yet. Ugh.
I hope you’re having the most fabulous summer ever, because we sure are over here. Still need a trip to the beach? I have two still scheduled between now and the start of school if you need some pics. I’m sure you’re not surprised.

So, back to my point. Part of my fabulous summer has been so many great family sessions. If you scroll down, or click here, you’ll find this little man’s newborn-ish session from a few weeks ago. Since he was older than the typical newborn baby’s shoot, we thought we’d do two, so we could focus on him first and then get the entire family together later.

I’m crazy over all the sun and lens flare in this one. I know it’s not everyone’s bag, but capturing rainbow flare in the camera is like a magic trick for me. And, sometimes the moment before or after the kiss is even better.the woodlands woodway lifestyle photographer How beautiful is this momma? We were moving to another room, and I saw her standing in front of the window inside their gorgeous home holding little W, and I knew I had to get this shot.the woodlands woodway lifestyle photographerMom, dad, house…all beautiful. Little W? I love this little smiley smirk. I think this may have been right after he spit up all over dad–bad enough to require a wardrobe change.
the woodlands woodway lifestyle photographer Just chillin’ with the little man and the puppy by the pool. I think it was–no kidding–101 degrees outside, so the little dude didn’t mind the cool water one bit. I think I like this one, because when we ladies are pregnant, I think we daydream about what we’ll do when the little one is finally here as a real person in the great big world…oh, ya know, sitting by the pool in the late afternoon sun enjoying being a happy, little family. Aah.

And then, poof! Here’s the daydream in real life. Pretty cool. the woodlands woodway lifestyle photographerSweet family, it was so lovely to see you again. I can’t wait to show you the rest. Happy summer!

Love, Andrea

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