the twins aren’t the babies anymore {Woodforest lifestyle photographer}

It’s so crazy that we did the newborn shoot for this big brother and big sister almost three years ago. (I say “we,” because it was a team effort to get their pictures done!) Fast forward three quick years, and their new baby brother is here, and we’re all in love.

This first one is more of an outtake, because the real one is without all of the hands in the shot. However, I’m kind of crazy about it, because it is a perfect example of how this little man has come home to a house full of love. He instantly has four people who adore him who want to touch him and hold him and give him lots of hugs and smooches. It also reminds me of one of my favorite ones of this family from that first session:
twins newborn photographer woodforest tx My most favorite thing to do in newborn shoots recently is to do my best to get a smile. It’s no easy task, but when I get it, it’s like finding gold. twins newborn photographer woodforest tx This crazy adorable little dude was six days old at this shoot, and I just couldn’t believe how alert and active and awake he was. He was a squirmy little wormy and was all over the place when he was awake. However, when it was time to sleep, he was a champ. It’s the perfect combination for a newborn shoot for me–some awake and some asleep. twins newborn photographer woodforest txSweet family, what can I say that I haven’t said before? Thank you so much for welcoming me into your lovely home to capture these precious moments. I have tons of cute ones to show you and will have them ready soon.

Love, Andrea

Families, August is booked, so I’m booking holiday sessions now for September through November. Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

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