one-year-old twins’ birthday party with cake birdies {The Woodlands, TX, birthday party photographer}

Hey, there. Remember my beautiful babies from last week? They had their first birthday party this past weekend! If you know me at all, you know how much I love birds, so I just adored this beautiful cake. Gorgeous!! the woodlands tx first birthday party photographerTrue to what most one-year-old-stars-of-the-show do, the twins took turns sleeping throughout their party. However, look at this cutie pie’s face after he got up–so happy and excited to have so many friends and family around!the woodlands tx first birthday party photographerThere were people eating and music was playing, and there were presents and colors and lots of laughs and fun going on, so this little peanut needed some good ol’ momma-snuggle time when everything got into party mode. Oh, how I miss those days of wearing my babies. Nothing could chill my babies out quite like a pacifier and some koala-bear-backpack-baby-wearing time.the woodlands tx first birthday party photographer

I know you remember this gorgeous girl’s picture from last week. It’s nothing short of amazing how a face painter (or balloon dude or a lady dressed up as Disney princess) at a birthday party can get 10 children to stand quietly in a line for an hour. I haven’t figured out how to keep 2 kids still and quiet for longer than 30 seconds.
the woodlands tx first birthday party photographer

Little Bit here took a tiny power nap and woke up ready for pictures! My kinda gal. I loved this precious sister moment.the woodlands tx first birthday party photographerOh, sweet family. What a fun party! I had a blast. I think everyone did, especially the kids. I have so many great shots from the party–I’ll have them ready soon. Thanks again for a fabulous July 4th!

Love, Andrea

Alright all the rest of you party people…the rest of the summer is almost fully booked. If you’re thinking about a booking a session, a special event, or a milestone mini, please don’t wait to book. or 508.768.5808

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