two baby girls in the clover {Creekside Park family photographer}

Good morning! Okay. Time to move on. I promise, no more whining about the bluebonnets. So, my shoot from this past weekend was one of my favorite families. I first met them all the way back in 2011 for their first family shoot–I had to dig through my old blogspot to find that one!

We’ve done several shoots between then and now, but I never posted these from their bluebonnet mini-session from last year. Here are three of my favorites. And surprise! You might notice a little sister has come along since our first session way back when.the woodlands sister siblings photographer

This pic on the left is big sister at only 9 months old. I wanted to show a side-by-side of her in the blubonnets a few years apart. Just as gorgeous as ever! the woodlands sister siblings photographer

And now, here she is this year. All grown up! I wouldn’t have thought I would like clover flowers so much, but I love how soft they are around her in her beautiful white dress. Don’t you love the hair and jewels and beautiful face? She gets that from her momma–pretty much the classiest lady I know. the woodlands sister siblings photographer

Gotta have one of them holding hands.
the woodlands sister siblings photographer

For the last preview pic, I wanted this one, because it’s my personal favorite. They say to show what you want to shoot, and I love these kinds of pics. We were trying to get all three lovely ladies to sit together for a group picture, and this little lady was sweet enough to stand up and come bring me a flower. What? Are you trying to convince your parents that I need to adopt you? Okay! I love the background, and of course I love beautiful momma and big sister patiently waiting for her to come back. the woodlands sister siblings photographerThanks for a fun and lovely session, as always. Your family is just precious.

Love, Andrea

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