momma and me in the bluebonnets {Montgomery, TX, lifestyle family photographer}

This oh-so-lovely lady and I have been friends since our boys were just little guys, and now they’re 4! She wanted to make sure she got some current pics with him, because before we know it, they’ll be off to high school and way too cool for us. Like every other bluebonnet session this season, we had the hardest time scheduling around the flowers and the rain. Last Sunday, she had about 30 minutes of warning, and we were able to meet in Montgomery to catch some of the last remaining flowers. We shot at 1pm–Photography 101 will tell you this is the worst time of day for pictures, but when you have crazy weather and flowers to deal with, sometimes you just have to make it work!

I love, love this one. I think my favorite part is how their fingers are touching. So simple and sweet.the woodlands mommy and me session photographer Ok, please tell me what momma wouldn’t want her sweet boy’s face smiling next to hers? Love. I need to try to recreate this one for myself. I’m so worried the day is coming when my sweet boy doesn’t want to give me precious hugs anymore.the woodlands mommy and me session photographer

You can’t really tell, but the ground was so muddy and wet and gross with puddles everywhere. We couldn’t put down a blanket, so–thankfully–I travel with a little red wagon in my trunk. What? Don’t you? the woodlands mommy and me session photographerMy lovely friend, thanks for jumping in the car at a moment’s notice and meeting me. I’m so glad we were finally able to carve out a little time to get these done for you. I think I’ve got lots of ones you’ll love.

Love, Andrea

PS, I am scheduling summer sessions now, and before you know it, it will be time for Fall and holiday pictures. Give me a shout at 508.768.5808 or send me a little note at

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