second verse, same as the first {Brenham bluebonnets family photographer}

My second Brenham family from this past weekend has two girls instead of boys. And, they also did a mini-session last time with me and I wanted to share those with you. The lighting and tree colors were just so pretty. (These were taken at Burroughs Park in Tomball.) When did we take these again? I need to check the date, so I can grab these colors again this year.
brenham family photographer

And now, the baby girl is growing up. She’s 2! Did you see my Facebook post with her oh-so-cute and pretty hilarious “chuck the deuce up” pic? What? I said it. Yes, Nicki Minaj and I are BFF, in case you were wondering. Are you loving this personality, or what?!brenham family photographer Oh, my. This crazy beautiful girl is the model for one of my all-time-favorite bluebonnet pictures you can see here. I’m sure I mention her sweet little bonnett it every bluebonnet season, but it’s stood the test of bluebonnet time for me. Ack! How are all these babies growing up, yet I’ve defied the laws of aging? I’ve solved it. It’s my wickedly smart humor that’s keeping me young. You should see the deadpan reactions I get from my children when I am really on a roll. I’m quite confident they are secretly busting a gut on the inside. Don’t you wish you knew the joke I told to get this sweet laugh? I’ll never tell!brenham family photographer

I have a huge spot on one of my living room walls that’s been waiting for the perfect gigantic canvas. Would it be wrong to put these girls up there? I just love it!brenham family photographerSweet family, I’m sorry there weren’t fields and fields of bluebonnets for us, but I think we made it work. I hope you love these as much as I do!

Love, Andrea

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2 Responses to second verse, same as the first {Brenham bluebonnets family photographer}

  1. The pictyres in Tomball were take the first or second week in December. I love the colors also! Just beautiful!
    Thank you for the bluebonnet pictures. You did have to work extra hard to crack a smile out of A! I’m so glad to see her sweet smile in those pics!! And you captured S’s personality perfectly! Thanks again, they are gorgeous!

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