two big boys one year later {Brenham, TX, wildflower photographer}

After shooting at Rob Fleming in Creekside a whole year ago, this family and I made plans to go to Brenham this year for pictures to see the “really great” bluebonnets. Whoops. Little did we know this year would be so crazy for weather and flowers. You probably don’t recognize them, because we just did a little mini-session last year, but they are so cute I had to share:
brenham indian paintbrushes family photographer

Fast forward a year, and look how big the boys are! All grown up and as sweet as ever. There were enough bluebonnets to make it count, but we were lucky because there were about five other kinds of flowers in full bloom and so pretty. Love these sweet hugs!brenham indian paintbrushes family photographer

Now I’m not normally the Fraulein Maria type of gal, but watching this little dude run through the flowers made me want to run and sing and twirl with my hands in the air–kind of like his pose from last year, actually.brenham indian paintbrushes family photographer Oh, it will never cease to make me laugh to see what lengths three grown adults will go to in order to get a belly laugh from a kid. I think Mom, Dad, and I sang every Wiggles song we could think of, and I think this a version of “The Wheels on the Bus.” It worked! Even the alligator smiled. PS, how adorable is this momma’s outfit? I’m planning on stealing it–I have a crush on polka dots.brenham indian paintbrushes family photographerMom and Dad, you and your boys are troopers! Thanks for braving the wind, the muddy puddles, the ants, the wet blankets, the drive, the bluebonnet shortage, no breakfast, and 98 reschedules in texts, emails, and phone calls. These cute faces make it all worth it for me, and I hope for you, too.

Love, Andrea

Houston families, if you’re looking for a photog who will walk squat in mud whilst singing “Fruit Salad,” with you, I might be your gal. or 508.768.5808

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