three siblings at sunset {Creekside Park family photographer}

Well, we went for the flowers but got a beautiful sunset instead. I think Rob Fleming Park in Creekside is used by every Woodlands photographer every year for bluebonnets. This year, however? Not so much. When we booked the session, I assumed the ropes were down because I had seen lots of pictures posted from there, but it turns out they were all from naughty rule breakers who ignored the signs. If you know me, you know I am a rules super nerd (plus, it’s not my neighborhood, and I would prefer not to be banned for life). Don’t worry, pretty momma. I did get some super cute shots of the kiddos on the sides of the flowers. They are coming. But, I just loved the light in all of these, so I thought I’d show them (and not give false hope to those planning on going to Rob Fleming).

How cute are these three? I love big brother being tugged by one sister and him encouraging his baby sister at the same time. So sweet. andrea bacle woodlands family photographer

Oh, you know, just doing a little singing and dancing and looking adorable at sunset with some fancy rainbow sun and lens flare to boot. andrea bacle woodlands family photographer

If you’re reading this in April 2015, you know that it has been fluctuating from rain to sun to clouds about every 15 minutes. I thought these dark clouds looked pretty cool with the sun coming out. Looks like this handsome man is already ready for senior portraits!
andrea bacle woodlands family photographer

Finally, how much do you love this profile? That round, baby cheek and the tiny dimples still left on her hand? Precious.andrea bacle woodlands family photographerSweet family, thanks for a fun sunset in the park. I’ll have the rest of your bluebonnet-ish pictures ready soon. :)

Love, Andrea

I’m filling up my summer calendar with lots of beach sessions. If you’re wanting a session this summer, don’t wait to book! 508.768.5808 or

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