chasing these darn bluebonnets {Montgomery, TX, bluebonnet photographer}

Oh, how these bluebonnets and weather are keeping me–and my clients–on my toes this year! I’ve rescheduled 8 sessions already because of the rain and no-show flowers. Here’s hoping next weekend makes up for it.

This beautiful momma had a really short window to get her annual bluebonnet pictures taken this year, and we were so lucky to find a beautiful patch with a window of good weather. Please tell me what momma wouldn’t want a picture like this with her two sweet ones? Yes, please! I’m such a sap. When I look at this, it makes me think about how my two babies are almost too big to sit on my lap like this. Sniff, sniff. Hug those little dudes while they’ll let you!

the woodlands tx bluebonnet photographer

This little cutie pie is 5 months old, and I’m kind of crazy about his I-think-I-can-sit-up-by-myself-and-not-fall-over-if-I-lean-just-right pose. Sitting up is always, always my favorite baby milestone…the first sign of independence. the woodlands tx bluebonnet photographer

How cute is this little photobomber? And those eyeballs?! Love them. What a good big brother, too. He was sweet enough to sit behind and hold his little brother when he was all done sitting by himself. I didn’t include one of those in the preview, because I have so many cute ones, I couldn’t pick just one.  the woodlands tx bluebonnet photographerOk, family. I’ve got lots of family pics (including your fur baby) to show you. Have a great trip, and I’ll have the rest ready for you soon.

Love, Andrea

I’ve been getting lots of requests for bluebonnet pictures coming in, and I have very little space available (definitely a few weekday spots left)–a lot of it depends on the flowers and how long they’ll last. If you’re still considering it, give me a holler and see if we can coordinate our schedules before these lovely flowers are gone for another year. 508.768.5808 or


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