the first bluebonnet love of the season {Houston, TX, bluebonnet photographer}

I shot my first bluebonnet session of the season this past weekend. If you’ve been out scouting, these are at 610 and TC Jester. The flowers have been a little bizarre this year. The rumor I’ve heard (because I am good with kids and pictures, but I have zero plant skills and can kill a potted cactus like it’s my job) is that the flowers are late this year because of the rain we had in March. I’m hoping they’ll be at their peak soon, because we are headed to Brenham for the seas of blue fields.

How sweet is this face? This big sister was such a gentle, soft spoken, lovely little lady. She and I chatted up kindergarten and moving on the first grade next year. She’s handling it better than I am with my kindergartner! the woodlands houston tx bluebonnet photographer These cheeks! This little dude collected some sticks and told me all about being 4 and how my own three-soon-to-be-four-year-old will love it.the woodlands houston tx bluebonnet photographer And the baby girl. So beautiful. The white dress in a sunny field of bluebonnets. It just doesn’t get any more Texas than that!the woodlands houston tx bluebonnet photographerMimi, thank you for helping me do my bluebonnet searching! I think you found the most beautiful patch. I’ll have the rest ready for you soon!

Love, Andrea

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