beach bum {2015 beach family photographer from here to FL}

Ok, kids. This winter is dragging on forever. I know I have nothing to complain about, because we used to live in Boston and I’ve seen the footage. However, I’m just ready to be warm again. I plan to practically live at the beach from now until the end of the year. I’ll be in Pensacola, FL, Gulf Shores, AL, and good ol’ Galveston, TX, as much as possible. If you’re ready for some gorgeous pics at the beach, give me a shout.

This is one of my favorite families from last fall, just to warm you up a little today.galveston family photographerMy family and I are headed to Florida soon for our own pics. I’m trying to hire a professional, but I waited so long that it might have to be my trusty remote, timer, and tripod again. Here were our results from last year’s self portraits. Not too shabby, but they’ll never be as good as a pro behind the camera.

galveston tx family beach photographerCall/email/facebook/you get the idea to book your beach session: or 508.768.5808.

Love, Andrea

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