big sister and little bro; momma and grandpa {The Woodlands/Spring, TX, family photographer}

Hey, friends! Happy February. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? This year is the first year that I’m not doing photo valentines for my kids. Birdie wants the little box of cards with cartoon characters “with no photo, momma.” I think I’ve got her talked into at least making some homemade ones out of construction paper or something.

Anyhow, after taking off two weeks in January, business is back in full swing. I just had a friend of one of my most favorite clients call me about coming to her (super fabulous and gorgeous) house for a special occasion.

Side note: For every client you send my way, you’ll get a $50 credit. I’ve had people pay for their sessions that way!

So, her grandfather was in town for a short visit, and she wanted to make sure she got a few shots with him and her family. She was a little worried about her kids and her grandpa not being able to hang in there for a full session. Luckily for her, I pride myself on being a super quick shooter. I have two kids and a husband. I totally get that kids and husbands and grandpas are not super excited to take pictures, so I really do try to be fast. And bonus for me? Her cutie pies are almost exactly the same ages as my two littles. the woodlands tx family photographer the woodlands tx family photographer

How much do I love this picture? It makes me happy every time I look at it. the woodlands tx family event photographerDo you have a special occasion you need pictures for? If you don’t hire someone, make sure you pull out your nice camera to take some. And don’t forget, if you need some lessons on how to use your fancy camera, I teach classes!

Lovely momma, thanks so much for letting me capture this sweet moment. And PS, I love your kids. :) Enjoy your preview and I’ll have the rest ready for you really soon.

Love, Andrea

Between Spring Break, the bluebonnets, and summer vacation, don’t wait to get on the schedule for your own family shoot. It’s gonna be a busy year. or 508.767.5808


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