baptism, baby bonnet, and stained glass {The Woodlands, TX, event photographer}

Hmm, the best part of my job? Watching my kids and families grow. I met this lovely couple at Mercer Botanic Gardens back in 2011 for a sweet shoot of just the two of them. Imagine my excitement when they called me to announce 1. They’ve had a gorgeous baby girl. and 2. They want me to shoot the baptism. How lucky am I?!

At the start of the ceremony, the sun was shining straight through this gorgeous stained glass into the sanctuary. It was spectacular to witness and so beautiful during the ceremony (not so great for pictures with reds and yellows shining on everyone’s faces, but that’s cool. I love a challenge.)
the woodlands tx event photographer

I didn’t want to include any ceremony pictures in the preview, because I always want to respect the privacy of my clients and honor the reverence of such an important event. So, here’s a sweet family one from post-ceremony. What a picture-perfect little family. the woodlands tx event photographer Since this was baby girl’s first front-and-center moment, I had to take one of her getting ready before the big event. Are you loving this bonnet? Is it called a bonnet when it’s for a baptism? Christening hat? I’m not sure–regardless, it’s pretty stinkin’ cute. I’m sure Mamie (sp?) would agree! ;) I just couldn’t decide on whether to keep this one in color or turn it black and white. It felt like a black and white moment, but I loved the soft, purpley hues from the colors in the sanctuary. I’ll let you decide!the woodlands tx event photographerSweet family, I’m so thrilled for you. Congratulations on your baby girl. She is a doll, and six months old is such a fun time. Wait until she is able to sit up–think of all the pictures you can take then!

Love, Andrea

Families, I love to shoot events. Call me for your special occasion or birthday party, or check out my weddings website if you’re a bride to be: or or 508.768.5808.

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